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Our Passion

We are experts in qualitative market research. Our talents lie in being able to recruit dedicated key-opinion-leaders and organize market research surveys. With our wealth of experience, VISiiO is able to provide you with advice and support in the area of field management for your market research surveys across a whole range of industries. We are particularly skilled at identifying the perfect interview partner and selecting the right target audience for your business, ensuring that your market research is both accurate and has the necessary depth.


We are only too happy to advise you on any questions you may have regarding study design, relevant target audiences and, of course, the right methodology – even before you commence with your project.


Our expert recruiters are able to seek out those niche and difficult-to-find target audiences because our flexible and innovative approach means that we never lose sight of the task in hand.


We have a dedicated team of professional interviewers and facilitators with many years of experience in market research working all over Germany on behalf of VISiiO.


We are able to offer you smartphone surveys, web-assisted telephone interviewing, focus interviews, focus groups, innovation workshops, online research, depth interviews and much more.

Our Areas of Expertise


VISiiO is always able to manage all those appointments and all the people involved in a project in the field smoothly and efficiently. If you wish, we can even take care of your entire project from start to finish, e.g. in surveys that take place across several countries, or if you need to juggle several projects in the field simultaneously.

I have over 10 years’ working experience in this field – including successfully managing my own company for the last 7 years. As someone who loves this industry, and who works together with a tried and tested network of specialists and experts, I am also familiar with overarching trends in the business, which means I am able to offer flexible support in optimizing your projects. In me, you have a personal contact on board who will work closely with your team and never fail to pull out all the stops to meet all your expectations.

This all means ‘more insights’ for you and your projects.

A Proven Network


We utilize the following tools for our national and international projects:

Hand-picked field-service providers for individual target audiences
Specially selected databases, own panels or software solutions
Guaranteed reliability and efficiency thanks to an experienced pool of partners
Enhanced quality, thanks to a specific choice of partner
Preferred studios and institutes

VISiiO - Network



As market researchers with many years of experience, we are particularly passionate about working together with target audiences in the fields of automotive, healthcare, telecommunications/IT, retail and consumer goods research.

Automotive research is particularly fascinating at the moment as the market is undergoing a period of dramatic change! We help you seek out your specific target audience from all the different segments out there, selecting respondents who are able to provide you with valid answers to your questions. Our long-standing practical experience in recruitment and fieldwork means we are able to find the right people to answer your specific questions, and also provide precise answers and inspiring perspectives to help find your way through the current volatile situation.


We are able to identify and recruit for you the relevant players in the health sector and help you gain insights that help you provide your healthcare clients with the specific information they need. Our long-standing experience, an extensive database of experts and our passion for recruiting new respondents means that we are also able to find those healthcare professionals who also work in niche areas, so that you can be absolutely sure that, with our help, you will be able to realize your most demanding projects.


It is always an enormous challenge to keep up with the very latest technological developments. With our telecommunications panel and our expertise in identifying and addressing IT-experts, we can help you find consumer and business experts who bring that necessary degree of involvement to enhance the quality and output of your survey data.


Heavily wooed by the retail industry, the consumer is very much in charge in the digital age. He or she can research, book and order anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Only those who can map the consumer journey and know when and where decisions are taken will be able to secure a place in the marketplace in the future. VISiiO is able to help you to find motivated, authentic and creative respondents to answer your questions.



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