VISiiO market research - online surveys - become a respondent - VISiiO community
VISiiO market research - online surveys - become a respondent - VISiiO community


Respondents wanted!

Why not get involved – businesses, famous brands and service providers attach a lot of importance to your opinions. You can complete our online surveys quickly and simply. E.g., whether or not you like a product, how you rate the price of a service, whether you have noticed a particular advert, and a lot more besides. Become a member of the the VISiiO online community and collect points towards attractive premiums with points for every survey.


Popular premiums

We reward your participation in our online surveys with premiums in the form of attractive vouchers. You receive points every time you participate. Once you have collected 100 points, you can exchange them for attractive rewards from our premium store.

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VISiiO Marktforschung - Online Umfragen - Prämien - Douglas
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Your benefits

Attractive rewards

You receive an appropriate incentive for participating in our surveys.

Regular invitations

We regularly invite you by e-mail to participate in interesting studies.

No obligations or expense

It is entirely up to you whether you take part in a study or not. Neither does it cost anything to participate.

No advertising guaranteed

Your data is stored in anonymous form and can only be used for the purposes of market and social research.


Your opinion counts

VISiiO market research - studies - 2port & health

Sport & Health

Do you prefer to do sport together? Is the support of fitness apps important to you? Does meditation influence your well-being? We value your opinion!

VISiiO market research - studies - pets & consumer goods

Pets & Consumer Goods

Do you prefer to buy from a pet shop? The design of products is more important to you than the price? Do you prefer brands? Your feedback counts!

VISiiO market research - studies - lifestyle & nutrition

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Ready-made meals make everyday life easier? Do you like eating out? Meals should be freshly prepared? We want to know what you think!

VISiiO market research - studies - cosmetics & body care

Cosmetics & Body Care

UV protection is a must in skin care? Shampoo should be sustainable? ? Colouring your hair at home is okay? We are interested in your point of view!

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It’s that simple

Register free of charge

Quite simply in just a few seconds

Take part in online surveys

Your participation is always free and voluntary

Receive rewards

You receive attractive rewards for your opinion

I like being part of the Visiio community. It’s always exciting. Always different. Always special.


I think it’s great to share my product experiences.


Every single person you deal with is very obliging, helpful and mega nice.


It’s great fun helping work on new concepts by sharing your personal opinion and ideas.


I’m highly satisfied, nice communication, everything’s dealt with quickly, a really lovely team.


I personally find it interesting to take part, as I am very interested in science, research and the further development of products.


I’ll give it a try and it turned into an interesting hobby. Many thanks for that.


The studies are always interesting and are realised with modern technology.


The field of market research is very diverse and exciting. I look forward to hopefully many new and exciting projects.

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As valued members of our keen community on Facebook or Instagram, you are among the first to learn about our freshly published studies and can take part straightaway. You will also find exclusive insights, the latest information, interesting contributions and a whole lot more about us and the topic of market research. Stay in touch and don’t miss any more studies.



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Frequently asked questions

Do I get a remuneration for taking part in studies?

Of course. You receive rewards in the form of attractive vouchers. You are awarded points every time you take part in a survey. Once you have collected 100 points you can exchange the points you have accumulated in our premium shop for attractive coupons. We then send the coupons on to your e-mail address.

How do I take part in the online surveys?

You are regularly invited to participate. You can take part online quickly and easily.

Am I obliged to take part in online studies?

No, participation is always voluntary. You decide yourself if and in which surveys you would like to take part.

Is participation free?

Yes, participation in our VISiiO Community’s online surveys is always free and voluntary.

Can I also cancel my participation?

Yes, of course. Simply send an e-mail to or click on the “cancel” button in the study newsletter. That way your data is completely erased from our VISiiO Community and you will receive no more inquiries relating to studies.

What happens to my data?

We do not share your data with any third party. It is only used for conducting the survey in hand. Surveys are evaluated anonymously, so the results of the survey cannot be linked to your personal data in any way at any time. Your data is secure at all times. All data is stored in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Which surveys do I get invited to participate in?

We value and reward your opinions relating to all kinds of different industries. Surveys may be about new products or services, media use, or your usage of existing products and a whole lot more.