VISiiO market research methodology
VISiiO market research methodology


Cutting edge

VISiiO uses the very latest technologies and nimble approaches to deliver you precise insights in an ever-changing world. Thanks to our deep understanding of processes and problems, we are able to provide pragmatic solutions that add real value to your complex and often multi-faceted questions.

We have a huge portfolio of different methods at our fingertips, enabling us to offer you tailor-made solutions. Our experts do not just understand the current challenges faced by your industry, but also relish in thinking ahead to keep you a step ahead of the competition. Challenge us with your ideas and be inspired by our practical proposals!

You already have custom research concepts and would like to bring your target audience to life, get closer to them and experience their world more intensely? Then why not make use of our expertise in selecting and talking to just the right opinion-givers.

VISiiO market research methodology - research communities

Research communities

Communities of customers, patients, experts or employees provide you with continuous feedback. They give you a comprehensive understanding of the needs, wishes and challenges of your target audience.

VISiiO market research methodology - interviews


Interviews provide deep insights into people’s opinions, needs and motivation. Whether we are talking about in-depth psychological, ethnographic, POS or usability interviews, accompanied shopping or many other forms of interview – the ultimate choice of tool depends on your project needs, research goals and target audience.

VISiiO market research methodology - workshops


Workshops that integrate methods such as brainstorming, ideation, design thinking, prototyping, storytelling, strategy, innovation, or even psychodrama, provide you with intense insights, helping develop creative solutions or in driving new innovations in the shortest possible time.

VISiiO market research methodology - mobile research

Mobile Research

Mobile devices are available pretty well anywhere and anytime 24/7 these days. This means that you can observe and interview respondents directly on site and in real-time. Methods like smartphone diaries, mystery tests, smartphone interviews, WhatsApp chats, etc. offer you rapid insights into consumer behaviour.

VISiiO market research methodology - chat-based expert round tables

Chat-based expert round tables

Chat-based expert round tables deliver you sound insights and an interactive exchange of ideas and opinions relating to product assessments, market analyses, trend identification, idea generation, brand perception, best practice, etc.

VISiiO market research methodology - virtual reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be used to enable your target audience to experience products, services or surroundings at first-hand. The benefits provided by VR are deeper insights into people’s behaviour and their preferences, e.g., by using eye-tracking to aid experience testing and product development, etc.