Turn your opinions into money! As market research specialists, we are always on the lookout for people to provide answers in interesting market research surveys. Why not provide your creative input for new products, medications or services and help shape tomorrow’s world? Your views are valued and rewarded accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you.



Market research brings together customers and manufacturers. It helps provide the foundation for developing new products, services or medication, makes the health system more efficient for both patients and healthcare professionals, or prevents pointless products from coming to market. We value and reward your opinions regarding all sorts of different products from all sorts of different industries.


Are you a car enthusiast with petrol running through your veins? Help develop new models and bring new innovations onto the road. We are continually on the look-out for owners of all types of car to participate in fascinating surveys in the field of automotive market research. You will be rewarded with a fair incentive for your efforts.


Are you a patient or healthcare professional? We are always on the look-out for patients with the most wide-ranging of conditions and also healthcare professionals, be they physicians, pharmacists, nursing staff or other specialized medical staff, to participate in healthcare surveys. Your views are important and will be appropriately rewarded.


Are you an enthusiastic technophile who loves anything to do with the fascinating areas of telecommunications and IT? Help focus attention on the user-experience. We are interested in your personal opinions and always on the lookout for your help in fascinating market research surveys. You will receive an appropriate incentive for participating.

Retail/Consumer Goods

Are you a keen shopper? Then help us actively to shape tomorrow’s products today. We look forward to hearing your opinions, attitudes and needs so that manufacturers know what you really want and need as a consumer. Your participation will be rewarded with an appropriate incentive.

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Register yourself free-of-charge. Your data will not be passed on to any third party.
You will receive invitations by email, which you can either accept or reject, to participate in surveys.
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Your participation will also be rewarded and you will receive an incentive for sharing your opinions with us.

Market Research


Market research is very wide-ranging. For each requested survey you can decide if a particular area is something that appeals to you and whether or not you would like to participate.

Focus Groups

Discuss interesting questions as part of a group.

Product Tests

Put new or established products to the acid test.

Opinion Polls

Share your opinions on exciting topics with us.

Mystery Shopping

Go shopping and test the service offered by different businesses.

Market research surveys



Change the world

You can improve products, services, medication, or even our entire health service with your opinions.

Be ahead of the trend

Take part in interesting market research surveys and be the first to learn about new products and services.

You will be rewarded for your opinion

Your opinions are valuable, which is why your participation is rewarded with an approriate incentive.

Behind the scenes

You receive fascinating insights into the marketplace and the world of prduct development and innovation.

Customer Opinions


VISiiO - customer opinions

“I think it’s great to share my product experiences and to continuously develop and improve them. I think your service is really very good and therefore I would be happy to be invited to studies even more often.”

Marius, 36 years

VISiiO - customer opinions

“It’s a lot of fun, what thoughts you get at once, and group discussions are quite nice. Also that sometimes you can participate yourself with your opinion on the product. It is always interesting. Very satisfied, nice communication, fast processing, great very nice team.”

Silke, 48 years

VISiiO - customer opinions

“I just think it´s interesting and as a student you can earn something extra. I am very satisfied. I think the organization and management by every colleague is great and really everyone is very accommodating and helpful and mega nice.”

Melisa, 25 years

VISiiO - customer opinions

“I am very satisfied, both with the communication prior to and during the study itself, as well as with the conduct of the studies.”

Anja, 28 years

VISiiO - customer opinions

“It’s fun to be involved in new concepts by sharing your personal opinions and ideas. Very satisfied. Interesting study content, friendly staff/contact persons in your company and uncomplicated organization of the studies, even in Corona times with online emphasis! I am very satisfied, high praise!”

Marc-Oliver, 35 years

VISiiO - customer opinions

“As a pensioner, I can fill the free time meaningfully. I am an inquisitive person and of course I am happy about an additional pocket money. I especially emphasize the fairness.”

Ingo, 70 years

VISiiO Panel


VISiiO Panel

Shape tomorrow’s world. We are always on the lookout for respondents for our market research surveys. Register free of charge to join our VISiiO Panel and turn your opinion into money.




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