VISiiO market research services
VISiiO market research services


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When it comes to collating your market research data, we are intuitive problem-solvers. Our key basis for providing deep insights, creative inspiration and new development processes is meeting the user at eye level. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution to each of your individual questions – to ensure that your national and international projects are a great success.

Our services can be flexibly scaled in accordance to your needs – from handpicking individual opinion leaders through to organising entire market research studies. If you so wish, we can take over the management of an entire project – multi-country studies or parallel field studies, for example, that demand a high level of attention. Benefit from our know-how and our lifeblood!

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User experience
Brand experience
Customer journey
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VISiiO market research services - brand


Brand image
Brand positioning
Brand consistency
and much more

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Product test
Price policy
Product development
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Target audience
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How you benefit

We think that step ahead

We know what you expect from our own experience. Understanding exactly what you need as a client means we do not just show initiative but are also always that step ahead.

We take things personally

We provide you with one and the same project manager for your entire project from start to finish, providing active personal and flexible support at all times.

We are open

Transparent and rapid communication is important to us, so that you always know just what is happening, keep an overview and are continually up-to-date.

International reach

With our worldwide network we can realise your market research projects in different countries and regions, also taking global perspectives into account.

Precise timing and budgeting

We are specialised in carrying out projects with the greatest efficiency without compromising on quality. A speedy service, always on time and in budget.

Preparation of results as required

We can provide transcriptions in different languages, summaries or clear presentations of quantitative data.


Not just anybody can be a respondent


Reliable recruitment

Do you have a particular target audience in mind? No problem! We can identify the exact respondents you need for your study to succeed.


Excellent choice

We are very picky when it comes to choosing our respondents. We can find just the right person you need, from househusbands right through to top executives, even if we are talking complicated profiles.


High answer rates

VISiiO chooses people from a pool of carefully selected respondents. Your benefit: this saves you both time and money because there are hardly any no-shows or wrongly recruited respondents.


Genuine respondents

Our opinion-givers are more than walking statements. We do not just address the formally “correct” target audiences but dig out the people who identify with the subject in hand and bring the necessary involvement to the table.


Accessing difficult target audiences

We love a challenge. We really relish recruiting difficult niche target audiences for demanding projects.


Social media sampling

We reach out to the right target audience at the right time. We do not just find respondents via databases but also by social media sampling


This is what our clients have to say

Customer reviews
phaydon and VISiiO have enjoyed a long partnership over many years now. Helena is always our first port of call when we want a serious and realistic appraisal of the feasibility and realisation of our recruitment projects. We also really appreciate VISiiO’s team’s willingness to find solutions to any potential challenges that may arise along the way. At phaydon, we feel that we are in excellent hands with Helena and her team and look forward to many other joint projects in the future.

Nicole Lokum, phaydon

Customer reviews
Working with the VISiiO team is simply fun: a very high level of flexibility, reliability and quality! We have also found convincing solutions together for special target groups & innovative research methods. We have had many joint research adventures to the great satisfaction of our customers and will of course commission VISiiO again in the future!

Ina Hildebrandt, Director Ipsos
Customer reviews
I’ve been working with you for 2 years and I can confirm you are a very good agency. Especially for on-list respondents. Should I contact an agency in Germany to reach on-list respondents it would be you. You always do the complete you say you can. I think you have a very good relationship with doctors and it helps fieldwork a lot. Thank you for the hard work in the last few years, I’m hoping we can continue.

Mélanie Oliveira, Expert International Fieldwork Coordinator APLUSA

Customer reviews
Visiio is our expert and dependable partner when it comes to recruitment and organising projects. The team always displays initiative and reacts quickly to any peaks in the order situation. We particularly value the candid communication based on mutual trust and look forward to many years of close collaboration in the future.

Judith Barbolini, Rheingold Institut

Customer reviews
We have collaborated constructively with VISiiO for many years over which time we have conducted the most ambitious projects for our clients to their utmost satisfaction. The VISiiO team stands out not just thanks to the close communication, tight coordination and flexibility they provide but also because of their warm approach which makes us always feel very welcome.

Melanie & Markus Schaub, IMR
For our diverse projects with different target groups, we always need a reliable partner for qualitative recruitment. VISiiO has become our constant companion. Helena and her team are not only professional, but also extremely friendly and personable. We always enjoy working with them.

Maximiliana Grimminger & Dr. Anne Katrin Lensch, Dialego

Customer reviews
We have been very grateful for the inspiring collaboration that we have enjoyed with VISiiO, and which goes a lot further than a mere business relationship. It is defined by trust, reliability and mutual esteem. VISiiO had always proven itself to be a reliable partner whenever we have worked with them, always professional and sympathetic, with an open ear for our needs. The pleasant and close collaboration have enabled us not only to complete projects successfully but to do so in a warm and friendly working atmosphere.

Edwin Strauss & Janet Büker, Beluga

Customer reviews
We greatly appreciate the professional and trusting cooperation with VISiiO in the areas of recruitment and project management. The flexibility of the colleagues, even with difficult target groups and special requirements, is outstanding. We look forward to many more years of successful partnership and are happy to recommend VISiiO to others.

Michael Schütz, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter INNCH
Customer reviews
We have known and appreciated VISiiO for many years now and are always delighted with how smoothly the collaboration (especially the recruitment of doctors) works with every new study! Helena Berghoff and her team have a high level of expertise in the healthcare sector. We receive close feedback on the situation with the doctors and are therefore able to keep our customers up to date on the status quo at all times – but also on hurdles and unrealistic requirements. VISiiO is a flexible and very competent partner that you can rely on 100 %!

Dr. Ulrike Dulinski – IFAK