VISiiO market research
VISiiO market research


Our expertise keeps you that step ahead

As specialists for qualitative market research, we raise the bar for your research results. We focus on finding an uncompromising selection of highly engaged opinion-givers from the broadest range of industries and organising tailor-made market research studies. We are also highly skilled at handpicking the right people to include in surveys and in identifying specific target audiences. This guarantees that your market research results have the necessary depth and accuracy.

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More insights for you

We provide tailor-made solutions for you as a market research institute, business or agency that can be scaled in accordance to fit your requirements, offering valuable insights in order to guarantee the overall success of your national and international projects.

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Cutting edge

The first-class and innovative portfolio of market research methods we have at our fingertips mean that we do not merely provide you with data but also offer valuable insights into the dynamism of your market.

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Our specialist subject

We make our field service provider network and our crossover knowledge obtained from B2C and B2B projects for a huge range of different industries available to our clients.